Before Time began, there was only Light. This was seen to be the perfect existence of the universe, in which everything is peace. However, Darkness encroached upon this domain, and the Light was viciously attakced. What followed cannot be described, but what is known is that both forces fought and nearly destroyed everything. Although, in a last ditch attempt to prevent annihalation, the Light bonded itself with the Darkness, and from the tumltous consequence of this action, Lirrin was born.

Lirrin is a land held in an eternal battle between the Light and the Darkness, with each side instilling themselves in the mortals who dwell there. Yet, not all choose sides or heed the conflict which dwells around them. Rather, they try to shut it away, or ignore it completely. In this way, the inhabitants of Lirrin are mixed, in faith, belief, power and what they choose to do with them.